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Being water-savvy in the hot weather

We’d like to say thank you to all those who are being extra-conscious of their water use and cutting usage wherever possible, especially with the current hot weather and demand being much higher.

Baby bats

Getting in a flap!

One of our operators at our Kings Sombourne Wastewater Treatment Works in Hampshire, found something entirely unexpected on Monday morning - four baby bats in the break room.

Collaboration is key to a brighter future for water

After chairing a conference on water resources and the future of protecting it, Head of Water Efficiency Ben Earl has said collaboration is absolutely essential in protecting our most precious commodity in the years to come.

Beauty of the beach: the lockdown edition

It's a tale as old as time....welcome to Beauty of the Beach, the latest lockdown edition.
Southern Water and the Environment Agency joined forces back in 2016 now to launch the ‘Beauty of the Beach’ campaign, which celebrates our coastline, demonstrate our commitment to bathing water quality.

Drinking water

While we’re at home, together we can use less

While you’re spending more time at home, your kitchen and bathroom are probably being used more than usual. That means you’re using more water – and more energy too. By taking control of your water use, you could save money on your water and energy bills.