Works or issues in my area

Sometimes when we’re doing some work in your area (whether it’s scheduled or emergency work) it can cause problems for you. These might include less water coming out of your taps, water that’s an unusual taste, colour or smell, and sometimes even flooding, or blocked drains out on the street.

Check out the map below, or pop in your postcode, to see if there’s any work going on in your area that might account for the water problem you’re having. The spanner icon marks the spot where we’re doing work.

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Can’t see any works in my area

The map lets you know about significant works going on – as opposed to all works – and is based on what exactly needs doing, how many residents are affected and how long we expect the work to last.

If you can’t see anything close to you, check out our Facebook or Twitter feeds (below) to see if there are any issues in your specific local area.

No works that account for my water problem

It could be that your problem is not connected to any work we’re doing right now. Click, below, on the specific issue you’re having for more help.

If you still need help, try talking to us via our Live Chat or email, using our contact form.

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Live Chat
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